Lifetime Roof-top Curtain

This cool tent fabric fits to the LIFETIME hutbed roofconstruction. This way you can create wonderful cool childrens bed combinations with it. 

  • Size: W.95 x L.280 cm(Fabric Among The Stars)
  • Size: W.75 x L.383 cm(Blue Camo)
  • Size: W.77.5 x L.268 cm(Sliverparkle)
  • Material: 100% CO(Fabric Among The Stars, Blue Camo)
  • Material: Various Materials(Sliverparkle)
  • Washable at 30oC handwash 可以 30oC 水溫手洗 (Fabric Among The Stars, Blue Camo)
  • Drycleaning 乾洗 (Sliverparkle)
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HK$ 1485
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