Lifetime Height & Slant Adjustable Desk
  • A desk that grows with your child. We even added slant adjustable function to this desk, which provides better ergonomic positions to draw, paint, read or write. 
  • LIFETIME兒童書檯設有高度調較及斜度,可因應兒童年齡及身高調節,迎合不同年紀需要,保護兒童脊椎健康成長。
  • Size: H56-78 x W120 x D67cm
  • Made in Denmark & 100% Pinewood 丹麥製造 & 100% 松木
  • We offer free local delivery and assembly service.
  • We offer a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects on all Lifetime furniture.  The warranty does not cover the damage to the lacquer surface caused by knocks, reasonable wear & tear.
  • 我們對所有 Lifetime 傢俱提供 2 年保修。保修不包括因敲擊、合理磨損和撕裂而造成的漆面損壞。
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