Lifetime Play & Store Unit
  • Push, pull and place the elements and you get different cool combinations that makes your room a multiroom. Pull out for gaming, home work or make space for creativity. When the game is over and the home work is done, then you only have to push all the element away and then it is nice and clean. Cool for the livingroom or below a high bed.
  • Size: H72 x W170 x D35/120cm
  • Made in Denmark 丹麥製造
  • Pinewood with particle board on back松木及櫃背使用塑合板
  • We offer free local delivery and assembly service.
  • We offer a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects on all Lifetime furniture.  The warranty does not cover the damage to the lacquer surface caused by knocks, reasonable wear & tear.
  • 我們對所有 Lifetime 傢俱提供 2 年保修。保修不包括因敲擊、合理磨損和撕裂而造成的漆面損壞。
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HK$ 14652
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