Founded in March 2012, Tavolo Kids Living is a luxury babies and kids' lifestyle emporium showcasing contemporary designed furniture and living products for your little one. We believe that no parents should have to compromise when it comes to the decor of your kids rooms. Therefore, every item in Tavolo has been meticulously selected from all over the world, in order to fulfill the unique needs of your children, and meanwhile to keep your interior cool and stylish.

一向時尚的居室,為了迎合寶寶的出現,被迫變成色彩繽紛的育兒天地,賠上了個性化的品味空間。在Tavolo Kids Living,家長們就可以找到兩存其美的方案。成立於2012年,Tavolo引入了來自世界各地,包括日本、丹麥等的多功能兒童傢俬。家長們在這裡可輕鬆為子女打造時尚簡約,同時能孕肓無窮創意的成長天地。