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Everything to Consider When Choosing Kids Wooden Bed

Did you know that children aged between 5 and 11 require 10 to 12 hours sleep? Sleeping is essential for everyone’s good health while a good night’s sleep allows your body to heal and enables you to wake up freshly and get ready for the day. As a result, building up an ideal sleeping ambience with the perfect bed is the best starting point. We recognize the options of children’s beds are overwhelming in the market such as kids wooden beds, bunk beds, cabin beds, day beds and high sleepers. But how do you know which one is the most suitable for your little one?

It is critical for parents to understand your options when purchasing a wooden bed for your children. You may consider the following factors when selecting kids' wooden beds.

Choices in Wooden Beds for Kids

When picking the correct children's wooden bed, your child's age is an important factor whilst the safety of young children should be placed on the top priority.

Custom-Made Wooden bed for Toddlers

The transitional bed can transfer from a nursery bed to a ‘big bed'.

A standard single bed gives us a stereotype of feeling too large and overpowering your toddlers. You may attach side safety rails to ensure your children stay in the bed and would not roll out and increase safety feeling at the same time. In this case,  you can cosiden a custom-designed modular toddler bed that physically grows with your children. 

Kids Bunk Bed

Kids adore bunk beds!  A kids bunk bed is made up of two single beds stacked on top of another. The bottom layer is double beds and the top oen is a single bed. Customized bunk beds are not only trendy, but also save some floor space.

You can determine the style, design and material of the bed with your own preferences. However, there are some essential factors to take into consideration before selecting your perfect bunk beds, which are:

  • Safety

  • Space efficiency

  • Sturdiness

  • Extra features 

Sharing a customized kids room with a bunk bed and having a buddy sleeping over is always fun!

Loft Beds and High Sleepers

A loft sleeper bed and a high sleeper bed are also high beds but just in different names. High beds come with several advantages.

  • Storage space underneath

  • You can custom-make your bedroom design

  • Plan a study and play area

There are many custom-made wooden bed styles and combinations for high sleeper beds. The height creates some area underneath the bed for other functions such as cupboards, desk and chairs, bookcases, and even sofa beds. High sleepers are more suitable for youngsters who want their own space to relax.

Custom-Made Kids Wooden Beds Such as Cabin Beds

The height of a cabin bed is slightly higher than a single bed which tends to be lower than mid or high-sleepers and doesn't need a ladder to climb up. Whereas a small ladder or steps is necessary for a little one.

Cabin beds are great fun for children. They come in two forms, a bed complete with built-in drawer and pullout bed or a wooden bed with a small elevated space underneath. THE space can be used for a small chest of drawers, a small cupboard and bookcases.

Cabin beds are a terrific option for tiny bedrooms since they maximize storage space to keep your children's room neat and clean while also saving space somewhere else.

Children Wooden Single Beds

A single bed is ideal for a kid room, teenager room and even adults which is perfect for all ages. A single bed can be used by families for many years. The single beds  can also come in the form as a poster bed, hutbed or other forms. 

If you are lacking of storage space for a spare bed, you can have a custom-made kids bed. Several designs have different additional storage options such as trundle bed drawers, allowing you to maximize your space in a tiny city.

Children Trundle Beds

Another excellent choice for a sleepover fan! A trundle bed is a bed that features a pullout drawer under the main bed frame. When you need the bed, you can simply pull it out and insert a mattress in the drawer, that’s it! 

You can even choose to use the pullout drawer for extra storage space when not using it as an extra sleeping area.

This type of bed is suitable for children between the ages of 7 to 12 years.

Handy Tips and Useful Info for Children Wooden Bed

Room size is always limited. Thus, it is critical to measure the room size before purchasing a bed to ensure that the bed frame can be fitted in your room. It can be a wooden or metal frame to match your room style. 

Every bed frame can be different in length, width and height. Remember to measure the size of the bed, window frames, doors, skirting boards, dado rails, and heaters ensuring that it will fit into the room. 

Spoilt for Choice

When picking kids wooden beds, there are several factors to consider including space, style, practicality, storage and study area to match your children’s growth. It may appear that bedroom furniture selections for a compact area are limited, but this is definitely not the truth. There are a myriad of choices out there.

We hope you found our guide informative and you have the knowledge now necessary to be a more knowledgeable buyer in the world of children's beds!

We truly think that no parent should be forced to compromise on the comfort, safety, and design of their children's rooms! Contact us for your child's Hong Kong contemporary-designed furniture today.

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Throughout the years, Lifetime Kidsrooms products are manufactured in Denmark and selling high-quality bedroom furniture in more than 35 countries worldwide.

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Lifetime's classic module system ensures that you can adopt the beds matching the age, size and needs of your kids. All Lifetime’s designs add their own way to creativity and playful activities. Lifetime’s cots are suitable for both boys and girls. With the selection of fun accessories, children can get exactly the sleeping space they dream of. Lifetime has several more models that not only cover children's playfulness, but also parent needs for practical solutions. Find more about Lifetime Kids bed.

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